Friday, May 9, 2014

Beauty Patch

Self-image is an important issue.  After watching the documentary Miss Representation, I have become more aware of the media's effect on self-image and the importance of positive body image for both men and women.  I had obviously been aware of self-image issues ever since I realized pants came in different sizes, but poor self-image seemed like a secretive and shameful thing just as much as the body itself can be.  That's one thing I loved about The Good Body.  It made body image a gathering point for women everywhere instead of the alienating sin of individuals.

To me, Dove's Real Beauty campaign has also been attempting to unite women against poor self-image while celebrating unique differences.  Thanks, Dove, for creating commercials aimed at reversing the damage on body image that the media often causes.  It excites me that other brands are realizing the incredible power in showing differently-sized women and leaving the photographs untouched, like American Eagle's Aerie line

This video from Dove's campaign about a product called the "beauty patch" blew me away.  I teared up a little by the end; it's that beautiful and inspiring.  Go ahead.  Watch it and get inspired to love yourself and others.

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